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          Beginners Spanish I is the first of two courses in a complete introductory Spanish program, which through the use of authentic, contextual language models, provides the students with a solid foundation to communicate proficiently in Spanish as well as to function effectively within the culture in real life situations. Besides emphasizing language acquisition by providing a complete grammar scope, Beginners Spanish I & II also present important aspects of culture, customs and values of the Spanish-speaking world providing students with a deeper insight into its diversity while exposing them to authentic language.


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          对于课程表信息,请访问我们的 时间表。注意:当然注册是开放的接受为NIC课程的学生。如果您有任何疑问,请致电1-800-715-0914。

          有关转让的信息: bctransferguide.ca 

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